The Last Of Us: Remastered

Work is being done to diminish the long wait times when it comes to The Last of Us Remastered’s online Factions gameplay. Naughty Dog has also announced that it will be releasing two free maps soon for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of The Last of Us as a means of apologizing for these long waits. Factions Multiplayer Resources tips, missions, loadouts, etc. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? VinceM25x VinceM25x 4 years ago 1 I thought they were fixing matchmaking so the teams would be relatively even?

The Last of Us: Remastered Matchmaking Times Patched with Latest Update

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Bought tlou remastered digital version about a month ago. I recently. Could you try a wired connection and see if the issue is still occurring?.

Contents: The last of us remastered matchmaking. Naughty Dog has confirmed that it’s going to release two free maps for The Last of Us on PS3 and The Last of Us Remastered for the PS4, in order to make it up to PS4 users who are forced to endure longer than usual matchmaking times due to different issues. The Last of Us Remastered for the PS4 delivered an overhauled experience based on the original PS3 version, with better visuals, improved gameplay, and all the DLC that came out for the game since its debut last summer.

Guess its the kids. I usually play after 10pm eastern bc I have a job, but I play earlier on the weekends. I’ve noticed that earlier in the day the competition is not as strong. I am usually one of the best players in early day matches, and I consider myself a mid level player. Late at night is a different story though. That seems to be when the really good players are on, and I need to have a strong team to do well.

The matchmaking is garbage

Why is naughty dog not doing anything about this. Always has to be a down side to a game. If your multiplayer lags and it comes up with a disconnect icon, then that means your upload speed isn’t to their standards. Thanks man, you are a god among men, worked perfectly for me, it is some weird glitch that has arisen from Naughty Dog’s weird decision to end facebook services on the ps3.

The Last of Us Remastered has had issue with matchmaking recently and while Naughty Dog is working hard to make improvements on it, they.

PS3 PS4. Message the Moderators. Announcement Matchmaking Logic self. A lot of people complain about matchmaking. Before the latest patch, the first few stages of matchmaking would look for hosts who met a variety of criteria latency, region, language. One of these criteria was the host having a similar experience level as the player searching for a match based on the number of weeks played – the number next to your name in the lobby.

The Last of Us Remastered update improves matchmaking times, full fix coming via patch

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Patch Improves Multiplayer in The Last of Us Remastered. Fortnite down the map to matchmaking server matchmakinng article Isn t or find a lost connection.

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New The Last of Us update improves matchmaking, adds two new maps

Amazon is currently hosting a sale where various titles such as The Last of Us, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Battlefield 4 are getting massively discounted for multiple platforms. Not only that, but limited editions are also on sale. A patch today addressing many matchmaking issues in Factions mode for The Last of Us Remastered has been released. Naughty Dog is working to reduce wait time in Factions matchmaking for The Last of Us Remastered, and as way of apology for the frustration caused, it will release two free multiplayer maps for both PS3 and PS4.

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Share This Tweet This. Do not reproduce without permission. Grand Theft Auto V. Footer About Privacy Policy. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. Boards The Last of Us Remastered omg please fix matchmaking. Wow im in a party of 3 and we have been trying to get into a game for 30 mins Is this supposed to be next gen? I usually love ND but this is a joke.

After 1 hour still not able to join a supply raid with parties allowed. ND you should be ashamed of yourselves. You are about to lose a big time fan if this doesn’t get fixed soon.

Naughty Dog Releases Free Multiplayer Maps For The Last Of Us: Remastered

Plus, new weapons also available now on PlayStation Store. Happy Thursday! You should see improved matchmaking all around. It will be rolling out over the next 24 hours globally. Look for the update when you turn on your system today.

At the time of writing, The Last of Us Remastered is currently isn’t very forgiving to newcomers, even with its skill-based matchmaking.

Jump to navigation. Developer Naughty Dog is aware of the matchmaking issues affecting those who are playing the multiplayer portion of The Last of Us Remastered and the company has promised it is working diligently to sort the issues out. In a new update on its website, Naughty Dog acknowledged the ongoing matchmaking issues, apologizing to any players affected and confirming the addition of two new maps to hopefully help make the wait easier as it sorts these issues out:.

We are working on resolving this issue for those in our community who are still affected. We know this can be frustrating and the team here at Naughty Dog wants everyone in our community to know that working on this issue continues to be our number one priority. Over the last couple of weeks, we have deployed LiveUpdates and Patch 1.

Two free maps added to The Last of Us Remastered multiplayer

The maps will be distributed for free “in appreciation for all of your continued patience” in regards to issues plaguing the game’s online matchmaking. A release date for the free maps has not been revealed. Although improvements have been made to the matchmaking process in The Last of Us , Naughty Dog says there is still work to be done. Utilizing teams “inside and outside of the studio,” the developer anticipates new updates to alleviate further issues will be rolling out “on the short side of weeks, rather than months.

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The maps will be free for both PS3 and PS4 players. Check out these maps in our latest trailer: Once we’ve deployed the maps, upon signing into.

Are you saying I can run from a bullet? No party option on launch day was taking about 3 minutes to find a match NOW it’s taking about 8 minutes to find a match Let’s not forget that it tosses you into a match most of the time that’s already halfway over The match ends and quickly get tossed into another 8 minute search The PS3 servers are fine. No parties option is the best that way they don’t have cheaters beating new players.

They should get rid of parties in all multiplayer games. Good thing u have no influence on the development of this game. Ever though about the fact that there are thousands and thousands of ppl who bought this game to play with a group of 4 friends? If u don’t like parties then feel free to search the no parties game list. Am trying to request a few surviving fans of us part it share a closure of HTTP requests.

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The Last of Us picks up two new, free maps

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The Last of Us Remastered Patch includes some updates to Factions matchmaking.

It doesn’t matter if you’re enjoying the game on the PlayStation 3 or PlayStation 4, we have some news regarding upcoming multiplayer maps. Naughty Dog is set to release two, and they’ll be free on both platforms. The studio seem to recognize that folks are having severe problems, and it’s promising a fix in some upcoming updates. The article that announces the free maps is mostly about the multiplayer matchmaking issues, and it frames the maps themselves as a sort of apology for the frustrating things users are experiencing.

Believe me, the entire team at Naughty Dog completely understands how frustrating this has been for many of you in our community. We’ve got some good news. At the end of July, we teased some new multiplayer add-on content which included a glimpse at new maps for Factions. We’re glad to say that we’ve decided to release these two maps for free on both the PS3 and PS4 in appreciation for all of your continued patience as we work to resolve the matchmaking issues. As for the here and now?

There’s a minor solution that might help from Naughty Dog.

Variable Rifle Gameplay! New Guns and Matchmaking! – Patch 1.08 Notes (The Last Of Us Remastered)