We keep a fur coat clean

We keep a fur coat cleanCertainly, basically fur coats are intended that them to carry in the winter. If cold weather is tightened prior to the beginning of spring then too it is logical to carry not an easy coat, namely a mink fur coat. All other seasons the fur coat silently is in a case or any other place where you have defined it. But while you carry it, you inevitably get to the most different places of a city or a situation. It can be your office, a taxi, restaurant and many other things. Thereof on a fur coat there can be certain marks of your stay. To carry a fur coat in a polyethylene cover it is unreal. So let’s consider different cases of pollution and ways of the decision of problems.

For example, you have found out stains from fat around a collar or fur coat sleeves. The first rule for all cases – to set aside a panic. Further take a rag, moisten with its gasoline and thus deduce stains. If a stain inveterate, wipe against wool. To what it is possible to resort? Make a solution of liquid ammonia or use table salt.

If you have found out that in due course your fur coat has lost former protogenic shine, don’t become despondent. With this question we will be helped by an acetic essence. Moisten in it rags and walk on fur. Glycerin which is in structure of this solution, is remarkable means for giving to your fur coat of shine.

As it is known, fur coats happen different colors. If your fur coat white for its clarification it is better to take starch. There is it as follows: pour out starch on a fur coat surface, splash on it in advance prepared warm solution of detergent powder and in regular intervals distribute this mix manually. When all it will dry up, walk on a fur coat a brush to release it from the starch rests. After that we recommend to comb all fur coat other brush.

Often happens that fur coats from white fur turn yellow. The best way of prevention of occurrence of yellowness – fur coat storage in a linen bag far away from the naked whitewashed walls.

The decision in favor of compactness not always the correct. If suddenly you some time stored a mink fur coat in a pressing condition to other things the result will be available – the fur will look rumpled. Remove a fur coat from a hanger and wipe a damp sponge. Don’t forget to comb upon termination of drying fur. In general, of course, this rule concerns not only fur coats, but also all others with clothes kind. The minimum open space is necessary to all of them at least.

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