The native land of fur products — yesterday, today, tomorrow

The native land of fur products - yesterday, today, tomorrow

The Russian open spaces by right are considered as the biggest representative of the fur market. Unfortunately, it concerns the consumer parties. We aren’t engaged in cultivation норок and manufacture of fur coats properly. That is, we have suppliers and firms, but them is small. As a favourable exception fur coats from a sable, as Russia – the unique supplier of sable fur in this case act.

However, and here it is impossible to tell that it is a merit of citizens of our country. Simply the sable survives and breeds only at us. These conditions are natural to it. Many foreigners tried to plant sables at home, but anything acceptable didn’t leave this invention. Fur coats turned out so-so in comparison with that Russia makes.

Here who really develops this direction of business so it is China. There are not only consumers, but also it is a lot of the people making fur coats and planting fur animals. Chineses very simply arrive – they do purchases of modern (mainly Italian) technologies on processing of skins and by that provide home market growth.

For this reason in China it is possible to meet branches of the European firms-manufacturers. So now, choosing fur coats from Italy and looking inside, it is not necessary to be surprised, if will see an inscription «It is made in China».

All it, certainly, well, but should affect the world market. It is noticed that from the beginning of the century the prices for fur coats as the fur has risen in price were essentially raised. Thus at auctions black mink fur coats are bought up each time in full. People who throughout many years are engaged in the business anyhow connected with fur, assert that the market is slightly oversaturated by fur products. It 20 years ago fur coats haven’t been so extended.

And models wasn’t in such large quantity. To buy a high quality fur coat was very powerful event in families. And in the country of councils with original and qualitative winter clothes there was simply a trouble. Here also it was necessary to poor citizens to be content with identical coats or jackets.

Now many new clothing stores which place emphasis on fur coats, at times don’t maintain a competition. Especially, if they available have mink fur coats, but doesn’t suffice sable and шиншилловых. To stake exclusively on fur from fur – the big error. To the client fur coats from other furs can be to the taste more. Often they don’t concede mink in respect of luxury.

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