The basic models of fur coats. What to choose?

The basic models of fur coats. What to choose?

As jackets are called not only clothes types, but also short fur coats. Their length usually makes from 60 to 80 These fur coats see are in demand at those women who like to drive the car. In addition to them there can be belts, hoods or the warmed collars. In itself short fur coats are very fashionable for young generation. Certainly, until will strike a strong frost.

Service jacket – so name a fur coat of average length. The length makes from 90 to 130 Such fur coats too see enjoy wide popularity in a kind of that they and not short, and not too long. Them even at times name universal. So these fur coats buy both teenagers, and ladies at more solid age. To them also there are to addition hoods and other small nuances.

Classical fur coats never will lose demand. The length fluctuates from 100 to 130 see If to speak about process of manufacture of such fur coat, as a rule, it is sewed on exclusive curves of fashionable Italian houses. Such fur coat urged to underline feminity and to shroud not only heat, but also original tenderness.

Fur coats of classical model don’t contain the heaped up design decisions, however are literally shone by grace. More often the belt in them is absent. The curious name «coats» carry the fur coats which length makes from 100 to 110 these fur coats trapezoid see Usually. To them in addition there are different types of collars.

For certain you often saw fur coats in which the bottom part is as though flared. Such fur coat name «hand bell». Its length can be to knees or hardly below knees. Such model is unusual enough and can give to the woman a coquetry and softness droplet. Besides, such fur coats outwardly rejuvenate the proprietresses and do a figure more perfect.

«Baletka» named model of a fur coat which is a little similar to a hand bell (length from 80 to 100 sm), but at it the back is flared. We recommend to pay attention as required to fur coats in which sleeves and the bottom part are made in such a manner that remind wingspan of the butterfly. From here also there is a model name. The length of such fur coats makes from 80 to 105 It see the best gift to women which highly appreciate originality and beauty.

And at last, fur coats which it is proud carry the name occurring from all known ruler – Cleopatras. Such fur coat Trapeze kind, has length from 100 to 130 see In the bottom part and along sleeves there are fur inserts. It is noticed that self-assured and active women prefer to buy this model.

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