Requirements on quality of a fur coat (part 2)

Requirements on quality of a fur coat (part 2)

In time fur coat socks are exposed to various influences. At movement of the person under the influence of a body weight there is a stretching and a fur coat bend in various directions. Therefore the basic operational properties of a fur coat are durability, convenience in a sock, service life, reliability in operation and ability to keep the form.

Durability of a fur coat substantially depends on its breed and the form, properties of materials, quality of manufacturing, feature of a figure and service conditions.

The greatest deterioration of such products as mink fur coats occurs in places constant or periodic and a bend. in a fur coat boards are exposed to the greatest, the bottom of a product and sleeves, pockets, etc. Action on clothes of repeated stretching efforts causes weariness of a material that worsens appearance of a product. On separate sites of a fur coat of camber are formed in the field of elbows pockets. The size of stretchings depends on properties fabrics, thickness, durabilities, plasticity.

Durability and plasticity fabrics isn’t identical at various kinds of fur and depends on a thickness of collagenic fibres and density of their interlacings, from a thickness and density most кожевой fabrics. For the purpose of strengthening and protection of worn out places in such subjects of clothes as mink fur coats with small durability of hair breed put stronger kinds of fur of a mink, a skin, suede, fabrics, a band and other materials. For consolidation fabrics fasten cotton a fabric, apply other kinds of linings (an onboard fabric) and specially process them for rigidity and elasticity giving.

Fur coats should look at high esthetic level and answer modern directions of a fashion. In fur coats the natural beauty of fur by application of various artistic touches should be used.

Thus, to buy good fur coats begins for you even more an easy problem if you, of course, regularly re-read all articles of our site. The constant reader of our articles to be favourable! We recommend to look on us more often, the section of materials will be regularly updated also you will receive a new good advice concerning such subjects of winter clothes as fur coats.

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