Requirements on quality of a fur coat (part 1)

Requirements on quality of a fur coat (part 1)

To fur coats a number of requirements is shown, basic of which are hygienic, operational and esthetic. By means of a fur coat round a body of the person the artificial climate which environment influences is created. Therefore a basic purpose of such product as fur coats is microclimate creation in a layer (between a surface of a body of the person and an internal surface of a fur coat) which should keep the necessary body temperature and to be favorable.

Fur coats possess good heat-shielding properties as the fur is considered the best heat-shielding material. The fur possesses small air permeability fabrics and small heat conductivity of the scalp containing a considerable quantity of air in addition to an air layer in a layer.

Heat-shielding properties depend on height and density of a scalp, its degree, thickness and density fabrics. In a high and dense scalp it is kept more air, therefore fur coats with a high and elastic scalp possess the best heat-shielding properties but to comparison with the products which skins have rare and low hair breed. Heat-shielding properties of a fur coat also improve at the expense of it.

By means of warming materials it is possible to create good fur coats from fur with a low scalp and with thin a fabric, and also from the artificial fur having slightly worst heat-shielding properties. The great value has fur coats for removal of evaporations allocated with a body. The fur has good hygroscopicity that promotes removal of evaporations from a surface of a body of the person in environment.

From artificial fur the best heat-shielding properties and enough good hygroscopicity fur coats with a knitted ground (a basis on which the fibre is fixed) possess. The artificial fur of type a scribble possesses the worst hygroscopicity because of properties of a glutinous ground. The maintenance of carbonic acid and a layer a bit more low in comparison with the maintenance in air. In air 0,03—0,04 % of carbonic acid contain. The carbonic acid maintenance under clothes over 0,08 % causes feeling sick of the person. carbonic acid reduction good air exchange is necessary. certain hygienic requirements basically depends on properties of a material of which fur coats are made.

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