Quality control of fur

Контроль качества шубQuality control of products called «mink coats» off the shelf should be in a certain sequence, paying particular attention to proper planting items on the mannequin. In this Gaugeable, did not affect whether the connection pads on the quality of the product as a whole coat. For example, when checking the fur coats and they put on the mannequin, make a general inspection and testing of the size of individual parts and products. After this coat worn by a mannequin lining up and checks the size of the lining of the size of the product, as well as the correctness of the connection pads with the product. Then the product is removed from the dummy, have lined up on the table, the bottom and working to Gaugeable processing quality of the fur lining.

In the general survey draws attention to the coat: correct seating products, the connection is correct collar and sleeves with a product, the symmetry of the arrangement of the collars and sleeves, the size of the product; evenness of the edges of parts, symmetry and shape of the lapels, the ends of the collar, pockets, and evenness of line stitches, tucks, creases, the frequency of lines, the position and quality of zakrepok, sewing buttons, direction and pattern match fur skins, the hair in the correct direction, the quality of iron, the quality of furs, etc.

Proper planting coat wrinkles characterized by a lack of bias on the shelves and the back, a regular arrangement of shelves (they do not diverge and do not go on one another at an excessive amount), the absence of abnormalities in the distribution of arms (no rejection of forward or back, arm medium size should cover 2 / 3 the length of the entrance to the pocket, the front line should be parallel to the rolling line poluzanosa, landing on the armhole must be distributed correctly) vertical side vent back (they do not diverge and do not go on one another pas excessive amount).
When checking the landing should pay attention to compliance with fur lining on the top of the size as well as to the correctness of its connection with the horse, to correct the allocation of landing pads on the lines of its junction with the inner edges of podbortov, lining sleeves to armholes lines.

Correct position relative to the edge of the side buttons is determined by measuring the distance between the centers of the buttons, as well as buckling coat on a mannequin. If the buttons are placed correctly, the board edge between them will be without imperfections and wrinkles, and the ends of the shelves on the bottom line would coincide.

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