Manufacturers — the giants, who doing fur coats for women

Manufacturers - the giants doing fur coats for women

Today fur fur coats at all aren’t deficiency. It is possible even to tell that the market chokes with inflow of new fur products. But thus it is impossible to forget about real masters of the business. For example, the firms selling sports footwear, has divorced full, but adidas trainers are more centuries a quality indicator. And here – there are manufacturers of fur coats who don’t need to defend for a long time already the place in the sun. Their fur coats have got to themselves an international recognition. And the list of these firms is small.

Let’s begin with company Saga Furs. She is engaged in fur delivery in the world fashion houses. The most well-known skin carries name Saga Royal Mink. Fur coats from it turn out by the most thin selection of fur. As a result from one and a half millions skins only any 3 000 go on sale from the auction with the same name. Are even more limited fox and песцовый fur which are on sale according to auctions Saga Royal Fox.

More often on one such auction less than 1 500 units are exposed. It doesn’t mean at all that firms show greed. On the contrary – they appreciate both the employees, and potential consumers therefore the last have possibility to carry mink fur coats which will serve very long. The initial prices for such fur coats, of course, far not market, but all the same they correspond to quality of products.

If you interests, who extends mink fur coats of the black color which fur as spoke Ostap of Bendery, plays the sun, means esteem the information about Blackglama. Firm American Legend is engaged in manufacture of mink fur of the most different color shades. These furs sell at the largest and old fur auction. It is called NAFA. By the way, the fur Canadian норок which plant in a northeast part of the country, is considered one of the best.

It is remarkable that at the above described auctions many visitors already carry expensive enough fur coats and to them come on the auctions. Involuntarily you ask a question on degree of insatiability of such persons. Nevertheless, to buy a fur coat it is forbidden to nobody, and the sloggers working in firms-giants, support a brand great prestige.

Finishes the list unique in own way mink Kopenganen Fur. For it spend at times the fabulous sums. To describe it it is almost unreal. Such mink fur coats need to be held, felt, tried on, but not to describe.

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