Making the right arm for fur

Делаем правильно рукава для шубыThe sleeve is the most crucial node of fur, from its design, form, technological treatment depends on ease of wear and appearance of the coat as a whole forms a species of sleeves varied, but all of them are based on three types of bags: vtachnoy, raglan, single cut with a shelf called back . All other types of bags are derived from these three, such as combined.

In the women’s fur coats most widely used solid-color sleeves vtachnye.
Schematic design of the sleeves can not be built without construction of shelves and back coats, as in the manufacture of products the upper arm contour lines must be aligned with the contour lines armholes, shelves and back. So, before you proceed with the construction design sleeves, armholes define the perimeter of the area and the back shelf and its vertical diameter. The values ​​of the perimeter and vertical diameter of the armholes are needed for more accurate coupling sleeves with armholes. The length of the perimeter of the armhole is measured from point to point measuring tape, and the put it on edge.

Determining the length of the vertical diameter of the armhole on the back of her top shelf and two identified points are connected by a straight line. Construction of the drawing arm can be divided into several stages.

Building a coat cut raglan operates on the basis of products with vtachnoy sleeve.Sleeve raglan-cut compared to vtachnoy sleeve of the same width somewhat restricts the freedom of hand movement. Therefore, when designing cut raglan coat, to provide greater freedom of encirclement, do the following:

1) extend the armhole armholes compared to products with vtachnoy sleeve;
2) lower the armhole as compared with the depth of the armhole in fur coats with sleeves vtachnoy;
3) extend the arm to the base line doused over vtachnoy sleeve.

Of course, you can not comply with all instructions with utmost precision. But believe me, in this case even the most beautiful mink coats will look a bit clumsy. That is, it will be seen that the producers did not have the patience and professionalism in the matter of work on sleeves.


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