Fur coats – we create new forms under themselves

Fur coats – we create new forms under themselves

Creation of the form in the course of fur coat creation almost entirely depends on a fur kind: colourings, scalp heights etc. the Composition of a fur coat with a short and average scalp is under construction of fur on decorative lines at the expense of an arrangement of skins, application of the various form of a collar, lapels and etc. But basically clothes decorating is created by the invoice н color of fur.

As fur coat furnish use frequently a genuine leather, a band, any accessories (buttons of the various form, the button, hooks, buckles). The composition of products from fur with a long scalp should be extremely simple, as the invoice, beautiful color and an arrangement of skins of fur do their elegant.

Female fur coats from long-haired and middle furs — direct, narrowed or expanded from top to bottom. The esthetic perception of female fur clothes basically depends on proportions and lines of its silhouette. The length of clothes and position of a waistline of such product as a mink fur coat in relation to a human figure has major importance. The arrangement of other details of female fur clothes depends on it: a collar, lapels, pockets, buttons, belts, etc. the Big role in fur coat modeling are played by color of fur. Successful selection of skins of fur for color and originality of their arrangement allow to create interesting models.

At designing of female fur clothes it is necessary to consider property of color, to create illusion of weights. The light and sated colors usually create illusion big dimensions, than color dark. A certain role decorative elements (play also lapels, collars, etc.). From it mink fur coats only win. So, illusion of the big weight is created by decorative elements of the small size, small weight — elements of the big size.

At modeling of a female fur coat it is necessary to watch that skins of small and average kinds have been located in certain rhythmic sequence, composite construction of a product otherwise will be broken.

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