Fur coats from different kinds of fur. What it is necessary to know at purchase?

Fur coats from different kinds of fur. What it is necessary to know at purchase?

Let’s talk a little about from what furs the best fur coats turn out. The fur is characterized by a scalp and кожевой a fabric. The basic properties of a scalp is a height, density, softness, durability, and кожевой fabrics — a thickness, durability and plasticity. When fur coats are made, it is necessary to consider an originality of properties of skins of various animals.

On height of hair of fur classify on long-haired (foxes, a polar fox), with волосом average length (a marten, a column, fibers, rabbits, etc.), with short волосом (a mole, a gopher, жеребка, etc.) and завитковые (fur каракульских sheep, astrakhan, lambskin, клим, a broadtail). More simple, cheap grades of fur improve to create corresponding fur coats: create imitation bellows of a rabbit under a nutria and a cat, sheepskins — under an otter and a leopard, furs a column — under a mink and etc.

To make fur coats, apply skins of large, average and small kinds. The great value has selection of skins and their arrangement. Besides, a fur waste is used: pads, necks, бедерок foxes, astrakhan fur, the squirrel, etc.

From them definitely collect plates from which then receive very original under the invoice fur products. For example, mink fur coats. In each specific case the length and a hair direction, drawing, quantity of down, the form and the size of a skin, inner side density are considered at modeling. These factors make corresponding impact on technology of products from natural fur. On them depends, fur coats how much well will look.

The great value is given now in the industry of many countries to manufacture of new kinds of artificial fur. For manufacture of artificial fur use natural and chemical fibres (fibres of wool, a clap, a waste of natural silk, kapron, нитрон, lavsan). Artificial fur develop on woven and knitted bases. On the physicomechanical properties the artificial fur differs from the natural. It possesses the big extensibility, рельефностью in junctions of details. These features are necessary for considering, when fur coats are created.

The artificial fur is new enough kind of the raw materials used for manufacturing of garments of wide assortment. Fur coats from artificial fur happen are beautiful enough on appearance. Though thus mink fur coats all the same remain on the first place.

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