Fur coats from a mink and other kinds of fur

Fur coats from a mink and other kinds of fur

To create mink fur coats – business uneasy. Skins mik, muskrats, select nutrias and the same as also skins of rabbits. Place skins on the area of curves the same as group: the best skins use on a camp, the top parts of sleeves and a fur coat collar. Apply difficult methods: dissolution, etc. Dissolution apply to those skins it is necessary for them to give the difficult form according to the curve form at such details as the coquette, a collar, fur coat cuffs.

By means of dissolution appearance of a scalp of skins of muskrats, marmots, mink and other kinds of fur improves. As an example we will consider short features of modeling of a fur coat from the most widespread kinds of fur.

Mink fur coats began to enter into this group rather recently. From a mink it is possible to carry out products of various silhouettes. Fur coats from mink produce from the integral skins located in a share and cross-section direction or from half of skins in a cross-section direction. Them also as widely use the couturier at creation of a new fur collection. At a cross-section arrangement of skins apply a skin.

Fur coats from fur of a muskrat concerns elegant kinds of fur. Skins of a muskrat are covered by a dense soft scalp of gray coloring shining to average height with a ridge from dark brown before light brown coloring. At fur coat manufacturing apply difficult decisions, various breeds with use of various kinds works: in a skin half, in the whole skin in chessboard order, in a cross-section arrangement in dissolution from one ridges, in a vertical arrangement , a combination and ridges in a horizontal and cross-section arrangement «in a fur-tree» and a number of others. On a way of furnish of a scalp of a fur coat divide, short-haired and short-haired with a remote awn.

Fur coats from a fur small animal of a nutria happen dark brown, brown, golden, silvery, beige and white colors; are used for various forms with application of various furrier’s works: in the whole skin in a share direction, in a cross-section arrangement of a strip from ridges, in the whole skin in a cross-section arrangement, in a skin half in a cross-section arrangement and a number of other kinds of furrier’s works

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