Fur coats and a paradoxicality. New models of fur coats are possible?

Fur coats and a paradoxicality. New models of fur coats are possible?

Paradoxes meet in any sphere. And here – fashion shows in which fur coats appear, don’t run low. But here cardinally new approach to invent already it is the extremely difficult. Especially if to consider presence of other kinds of clothes for which manufacture the fur is used.

That only don’t do with this fur! It give to a hairstyle, painting, punching, knitting, toning, combine with artificial and make other «operations». Not so long ago on fashion peak there were astrakhan fur coats of thin manufacture. The fashion sometimes goes circles, that is, the things which were fashionable somewhere in the middle of the last century, unexpectedly again become fashionable.

Similar fur coats were popular in 1960th years. Now they can be met in collections from Versace or Gucci. The model volume also is supplied by a wide belt and consequently women and often put on together with trousers and beautiful hats. The old film where the action takes place in our century and where the lady says that now in a retro fashion – carry that carried in 1980th years is involuntarily remembered.

And on a question that carried then, she answers that carried the same fur coats which carried in the beginning of 20 centuries. Though, of course, were and there are periods which don’t repeat. On the one hand like as it and is good, and with another – is visible, mink fur coats of the sample of those years were not so successful. Anyway time will sort things out.

Couple of years there was other peep back. Ladies aspired to buy mink fur coats of indigo colors, lilac or beige. The reason is simple – whether they can be combined hardly with any other kind of clothes. As proof it was possible to estimate simply dresses, having gone out of doors.

By the way, not all girls aspire to buy fur coats exclusively expensive. And it is a sign of good taste! Because the expensive thing can look on the person ridiculously. And that that was cheaper, remained to hang in shop and to wait the owner or the mistress.

Mink fur coats of the facilitated sample never lose the demand. Great brands have acquired for a long time it and hasten to create new fur coats of a sports view on a lightning, rivets, with leather inserts. They are especially popular in the countries, where winters not so cold, or there where minus temperatures in general are rare. Naturally, what sense to squeeze into bulky and inconvenient clothes when it is possible to descend and buy fur coats easy and beautiful?

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