Derive strength from a fur coat! (part 2)

Derive strength from a fur coat! (part 2)By the way, on a question on zodiac signs it is possible to stop in more details. If you concern elements of air (twins, the Aquarius mean, scales) you in a greater degree accept fur coats from a mink and a sable. In them the aura is more cool. With this fur coat the owner will feel it very good, and the main thing will be warm both to a body, and soul.

People of fiery signs (and such are стрелец, a lion and the aries) should consider that him God ordered to choose fur coats from fur of the same hot small animals, as they. The fox and a polar fox Mean. These fur coats are ready to be to the owner a muse and to give new hopes. Certainly, it at observance of all councils set forth above. Otherwise the polar fox can overtake you even out of магазинаJ.

If your elements – water (signs on fish, a scorpion and a cancer), we sincerely recommend to make a choice in favor of animals who all life had close contact to water. We speak about fur of the beaver, a seal, a fur seal and an otter. Can not trust, of course, but fur coats from natural fur of these animals «envy», «thirst of enmity» and even «power vampirism» serves as a certain reservation from arrows under the name. Besides, such fur coat very much will help in restoration after illness. It will help an organism with stabilization of physiological processes.

To «earthen» signs (little bodies, a goat and the maiden) we make such recommendations: be closer … isn’t present, not to the earth, and to heat. That is, choose fur fur coats from a rabbit, a scribble and chinchillas. Products from them, under numerous certificates, remove an emotional pressure. And even moreover – recharge the owner new energy. If doubt, can пролистать any directory of national medicine, and you will find there the information on curative properties of fur of these animals. It advise to apply at many sores: from a pain in a joint to calm of the whimsical child. The last simply stack on the fur party of the sheep skin. And he there and then if doesn’t fall asleep, then becomes silent. Hardly our ancestors could be mistaken in such questions.

So, henceforth you know that besides observance of usual recommendations, you should check a fur coat on compatibility. Then fur coats which will appear in your clothes, will bring to you only pleasure. Such fur products (whether it be mink fur coats or products from other kind of fur) will help you to be always in good health and positive mood.

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