Derive strength from a fur coat! (part 1)

Derive strength from a fur coat! (part 1)

It would be curious to learn, at what age the girl has dreams of expensive fur coat. Nevertheless, this time comes sooner or later. It is completely not surprising. Good fur coats heat and by that give sensation of comfort in the coldest day. These are the basic properties of a fur coat. What to say that the in itself mink fur coat is it is similar jewelry and a source of positive mood!

Whence this mood and a comfort condition undertakes? To understand this question, it is necessary to remember that any being possesses the aura. The aura shows a certain field of the information which in turn is reflection of work of all bodies. If it to consider, it is quite explainable, why in fur coats the aura of those animals of which it has been made is kept.

Hence, each time when mink fur coats are tried on, people as though pass the auras through auras of skins. Speaking about aura of an animal, it is possible to force out following moments: biophysical, biochemical and power components. At the animals who have grown in bondage, all these components essentially differ from similar at wild animals.

To what it is all conducts? First of all to that your fur coat should be compatible to your aura. It is absolutely serious! You are convinced of it when remember at least one case when you have found shop where fine mink fur coats are on sale. And here one of them simply terribly was pleasant to you, you have decided to try on this fur coat, have dressed … and have suddenly understood – something not so. And the main thing – you can’t understand in what, actually, business? The sizes of a fur coat approach you, the manufacturer – the firm checked up by time, all fasteners on a place, all seams are made accurately and reliably. Why you feel in it discomfort? Here is how time because you are incompatible with aura of the most fur product. It something is similar to compatibility of people on zodiac signs.

Operate under such plan. Here you have decided to choose a fur coat which visually is pleasant to you. Take and stroke it. If you have felt something similar to delight, means, safely measure. If sensations neutral, you too can measure such fur coat, however, hardly you will to like to go in it. And here if you has thrown in an easy shiver from a touch with fur understand – such fur coat to precisely you to what. Overcome itself if it is necessary. Even in the event that at you, as they say, hens don’t peck money for mink fur coats.

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