Correct care of mink fur coats

Уход за норковой шубойHere you have learnt, where it is possible to buy a good mink fur coat, have used councils from the previous articles, and now flaunt in a new thing. But the success of operation under the name «Mink fur coat» has turned to you a head, and you have absolutely forgotten about rules of storage of «the fur girl-friend». And after all she needs to create certain conditions. No, the gold case does not need to be bought, of course. Having read our recommendations, you will understand that all is easier.

So, what it is necessary to prolong life of a mink fur coat, enjoying thus its high quality and heat? We will spread out all on points:

— Premises, where fur products are stored (in particular mink fur coats) should be pure, with the weak illumination, the closed type, with good ventilation and protection against penetration of a moisture.

— Try to maintain temperature of a premise where there are fur coats, from 0 to +8 °С.

— Preserve your mink fur coats against batteries and other sort of heating systems.

— Once in half a year air a fur coat on a balcony.

— Do not think that at you the house never will be moths. To provide reliable protection against these devourers of fur, get special means. Only it should be not sprays, and tablets.

— Sounds oddish, but all the same freedom is necessary to any fur. It means that it is impossible to store a mink fur coat end-to-end to other kinds of clothes.

— Provide to the fur coat a strong hanger with a wide coat hanger.

— The fur coat is beautiful in itself. Therefore relieve its wonderful fur of any ornaments let even most expensive. In a return case it will invariably lead to damage of fur.

— The majority I will give prefers to carry the handbag on a shoulder. Unfortunately, you should refuse this pleasure if the expensive fur coat is put on you. Simply in due course around a shoulder of a fur coat the mastication will be visible.

— If you want to leave everywhere after yourselves a pleasant loop of spirits – for God’s sake! Here only process spirits a leather, instead of fur of your fur coat.

— From time to time any person gets under direct influence of deposits. Whether it be a rain or snow, having come home do not hasten to catch at the hair dryer, to hang up a fur coat on an electric fireplace or still something something like that.

Simply suspend it on a hanger it allow to dry out a natural way. It, of course, longer way, but you will be assured of safety of a fur product.

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