Artificial and natural furs (a part 1)

Искусственный и натуральный мех шубTruly magically influence of a good fur coat on female mind! What woman will refuse possibility to get beautiful and fashionable fur coats on the favourable price? However, not always such fur coat consists of natural fur. In it there is nothing bad. Now there are the fur coats which artificial fur looks at height and long doesn’t wear out. People even were divided into two camps.

The first assert that supposedly will suffice already to kill unfortunate animals and it is time to the whole world to pass to artificial fur. The second say that any «art» not in a condition to replace the present mink fur coats. After all their charm consists that they natural, and so, look is more womanly. Disputes by time grow in the whole shows which then show on TV. We not begin to take someone’s side, and we will simply consider both questions in more details.

For example, designers of a fashion for last decade began to gravitate to use of artificial fur more. Naturally, and fur coats at them turn out from this a material. Besides, technologies of 21 centuries allow to produce fur coats from artificial fur, but with use of natural fibres. And rich uncles with aunts can’t simply play enough type games «who in any way whom will surpass». Here also buy fur coats from natural fur.

Fans of all natural prove that they don’t bring any harm to the nature, therefore as for manufacture of fur coats specially deduced breeds норок and other animals are grown up and used. Thereby such people bring development in a farm and promote deducing of new versions of animals. Not to mention that while anybody isn’t going to cancel the law and the constitution.

In this kind of business to make good fur coats, it is necessary to work and not to be engaged fairly at all in shooting of this or that kind of fluffy small animals. Such acts are strictly pursued by the law. And here the artificial fur frequently includes the special synthetic substances, capable to harm the general health of a body.

For the sake of justice it is necessary to remind that artificial fur, basically people with a small monetary prosperity, that is, what don’t presume to buy mink fur coats prefer. Simply there are those who doesn’t do of this cult, and there are also others which arrange the whole demonstrations in protection of the rights of animals.

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